Monday, March 7, 2011

Did you make this yourself?

A regular question that comes up when I'm trading at the markets is "Did you make this yourself?". The answer is "I did!" Sometimes when I say that, people look at me with what I see as a hint of disbelief. Maybe I'm imagining it, but it happens enough that I don't think so.

Now I don't think that they think I personally couldn't have made things, but that any one person couldn't. I'm convinced there's an idea that only well made products (and purses with metal frames!) can be made in factories.

It's an interesting mentality to contemplate. We are told so often by advertising that products we buy in stores are good quality etc. But the handmade movement doesn't seem to come with that same idea. I can't wait until it does. And I can't wait until I can articulate how buying something beautiful, direct from the maker, has got to be a great thing.

PS. Am interested to hear if you think I might be imagining it?

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