Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What I do

Sometimes I find it hard to explain what I do. It is best summed up by saying that I'm a designer and a seamstress. But that is a very broad description and I think it can be a bit misleading. I think people think that as a seamstress I can sew anything but the truth is that I can't! I'm terrible at making clothes and even worse at making curtains, and I can't follow most patterns to save my life!

What I can sew is bags, wallets and other complicated little things. The more details the better as far as I'm concerned.

There's something about making this stuff that I love, and I think its because I get to play with lots of tools. My job involves much more than scissors, an iron and a sewing machine. Just last week I added a chisel to my collection, which already included a hammer, pliers (4 pairs!), rotary cutters (normal and electric), a point cutter, pegs, saddlers punches and lots more. I love using this stuff!

I'm thinking that as part of my new blog I can show you some of the tools/gadgets/equipment I use and what I use it for. I have to thank Nikki for pointing me in the direction of most of this stuff too!

So, the next blog post will be something along those lines. But right now, my mini laptop is about to melt and I have a bazillion bags to make so I'm outta here!


  1. Lovely to see you over here at your 'new place'!!

    And of course, I'm TOTALLY with you on the tools front.... and the curtain thing.

  2. Hello hello! :) Glad to see you back on blogging. Was hoping all was going well for you.

    I'm keen on hearing about the tools of the Kirrily trade :) I came also to find the link you posted (in your old blog I think) to the place where you get the swivels and links etc for your bags as I am after a couple of little swivel clip things (for keys).

    Stay safe, stay well and good luck clearing the backlog of bags! :)

  3. Sorry Ms Kristy - blogger didn't tell me you'd left comments! I owe you an email too don't I?

    I'm sure you found the shiny metal things over here: Nikki has all the good stuff!